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My name is Lyn Conlon and I live in Kellyville, a suburb of Sydney. I have been a porcelain doll artist for probably more than 15 years, so it was a natural transition to reborn doll artist after I saw a few wonderful reborn dolls at a doll show. As soon as I set eyes on the exceptionally lifelike reborn dolls I just could not believe what I was seeing. A doll that looked so much like a real baby I had to keep on touching it to make sure it was just a doll.

I was hooked right from the start. I went home and started researching on the internet to find more about this wonderful new art form. Being in Australia I found reborning equipment and doll kits very difficult to obtain in our country. I spent many hours searching for the right needles, the best quality mohair, where to get the latest dolls and all the other items related to reborning.

Where could I find someone to teach me this great art? Again I could not find what I wanted, so I looked further a field and found the Newborning DVD by world famous reborn artist Stephanie Sullivan. What a wonderful training tool that DVD is. From watching it my daughter Toni Mackie and I learned to paint our first of many reborn dolls.

Since I was having so much difficulty finding the right tools and equipment in Australia to pursue my newfound craft, I thought others would have the same difficulty. That was the beginning of Lynís Reborn World that has quickly emerged as a source of reborning items for many fledgling and experienced reborn artists around Australia and further afield.

Our policy at Lynís Reborn World is to support the reborning industry as professionally as we can. To supply the latest equipment and vinyl doll kits at a price that is competitive and affordable.

My husband and daughter are both a part of our reborning business. My husband Paul helps to pack orders, decants the glass and poly beads into kilo packs, and takes the numerous packages to the post office every day. My daughter Toni is primarily involved in the painting side of our business, and the creating of new methods and skills. And my cat Snowy just lays around and watches, so I guess he does his part too.

We hope you will travel your reborning journey with our company and we commit to assist wherever we can.


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